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There are a few ways in which to treat Antisocial Personality Disorder.

1.) Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy is often court-mandated for ASPD, and when it is administered, it is difficult, like with other personality disorders, to actually motivate the patient to change. Most psychotherapy for this disorder involves learning coping skills, improving relationships, and discussing the patient's behaviors and feelings. The effectiveness of psychotherapy, however, is limited for this disorder.

2.) Hospitalization - Hospitalization, though rare for ASPD, is an option for those suffering with the disorder. Few hositals offer effective treatment for ASPD, and even fewer patients seek inpatient treatment. However, the group therapy involved in inpatient treatment can be helpful for some that suffer of ASPD.

3.) Medications - There are little to no medications that have been proven effective in the treatment of ASPD.

It should be noted that there is no cure for ASPD.

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